Martial Art Dojo Rant… #1

This was a series of posts I had coming for years.

I will probably divide my thought in to two or more parts. The reason I try to express this in English is I have friends training in different martial arts all over the globe. But as English is not my native language I hope I can get my thoughts and ideas out there and understood by you as a reader.

My blog is not a widely spread one as I have not written any thing in a long time explaining ideas and thoughts (mostly food recepies in swedish, as well as some reports from the few Meifu Shinkage Ryu seminars I’ve visited tha last few years).

All posts from around 2009 when I really wrote stuff trying to figure out ideas and principles shown to me are gone due to a server crash. All the posts exists in a dumped file, but I can’t see the reason of why to import them again.

Anyway….. first post is on its way.