MA Rant… #3 – Responsibility

Being a teacher comes with big responsibility. I’ll will list but a few here down bellow, but of course there are much more than just those.

Teaching the art.
This come without saying. As a teacher I’m supposed to spread the teaching of the art and everything that comes with it. We can start with drills of techniques together with names. We share the history, telling people about earlier great teachers as well as history and happenings that we either lived our self, or what our teachers told us. Form that is all about let them get bits and pieces  of information when I feel that they are ready for this.

Letting people grow.
With the training it is my belief that we should both test our students both physical and mentally as well as let them test them self by start teaching as soon as they are ready for this. It could be teaching one single thing or idea, or let them teach whole classes, with out without supervision.

Teaching respect
It’s also important to try showing all and everyone respect, beginners as well as advanced students. I imagine that if this is done in the dojo always, the way of treating other people will spread through the dojo.

But…. both students and teachers have responsibilities.
The responsibilities should come both ways. As mentioned in my previous post, a small of the students responsibility is to accually show up, and at least let the teacher know if they don’t. But I find it also important to listen, try hard and be open minded during the classes.  I can get it if the student is having a bad day, but I’ve seen regular students always complaining being tired because they came directly from the gym or don’t get to bed in time to get enough sleep. It’s also funny that those people complaining much are those who have the possibility to plan better. Those who can not arrive and wont complain.

Not saying I’m perfect, but I try to have this in mind when I teach, but I guess I can improve as everyone else. 🙂

Bujinkan Main office - late October 2017
Bujinkan Main office – late October 2017