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MA Rant… #3 – Responsibility

Being a teacher comes with big responsibility. I’ll will list but a few here down bellow, but of course there are much more than just those.

Teaching the art.
This come without saying. As a teacher I’m supposed to spread the teaching of the art and everything that comes with it. We can start with drills of techniques together with names. We share the history, telling people about earlier great teachers as well as history and happenings that we either lived our self, or what our teachers told us. Form that is all about let them get bits and pieces  of information when I feel that they are ready for this. Fortsätt läsa MA Rant… #3 – Responsibility

MA Rant… #2 – People leaving the art

You come here and train. Of what reason I don’t know. Not from the start anyway. After a few sessions I start to know you a little bit. You probably tell me a little bit of your self and your life situation and why you found your way here. Now… at this moment I can most of the time tell a bit of why you are here and why you seem interested in the training and the art. I can also tell if you will have an easier journey or not during the first years of training.

You are interested? Good! That interest shows clearly most of the time because of the questions you ask, the effort you give and the time you take with the training both in the dojo, and away from the dojo. But from here on I can’t tell if you will last in the art or not…. But this is ok as we all have a life on the side in this age and time.

Fortsätt läsa MA Rant… #2 – People leaving the art